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Savitri, B. IX, C. II, Part 4


Death refuses to accept Savitri’s statement that God is Love and that He will remake Death’s universe. He responds by saying that there is no other God but he. He claims that all are born from his depths, all live by Death and all return to his depths and are no more. Savitri knows this is all falsehood. She says that Love in her knows the truth and she can feel God within her.

At the end of this broadcast is the recording from Mother’s Agenda on April 13, 1962, where Mother speaks of her experience of becoming the Origin and the Supreme Love manifesting the universe through big pulsations. Mother had been ill for several months before this, and her voice shows how exhausted and weak she is. This is the original recording. It has the voices of other people and very long pauses filled with background noise. Mother tells the whole of her experience in English instead of in French. Then she begins to speak in French. In later Agenda talks, Mother says that Sri Aurobindo is in her experience. It is possible that Sri Aurobindo is helping Mother to speak because she is so weak and exhausted, and this is why she speaks in English. The background noise is extremely loud because the volume of the recorder is turned up as Mother’s voice is so weak.

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