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Featured: SavitriLanguage: English

Savitri, B. VI, C. I, Part 5

The Deep, Unchanging Soul Of Love – Stronger Than Death, Greater Than Fate

Savitri’s Mother, the Queen, tells her to leave Satyavan and find another mate because he is fated to die in one year. But Savitri says once her heart has chosen and will not choose again. Her heart has sealed its troth to Satyavan. Fate and death cannot dissolve the seal of her promise. She is stronger than death and greater than her fate. The Queen tries to convince her that she is mistaken in believing these things; life and love are always changing. She tells Savitri not to follow her own will against the eternal will. She should make her way through life to timeless peace in a reasonable manner. Savitri responds that she has found the deep, unchanging soul of love and she cares only for Satyavan and their eternity together. Now she knows why her spirit came on earth. She has seen the Eternal in Satyavan.