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15 Nov / 2018Program by:
Featured: SavitriLanguage: English

Savitri, B. VI, C. II, Part 2

Pain Is The Hammer Of The Gods – The Spirit Is Doomed To Pain Until Man Is Free

Narad tells the Queen that her grief is a cry of darkness to the light which she cannot experience because she is living in ignorance. Her mind’s light hides from her the Eternal’s thought, her heart’s hopes hide from her the Eternal’s will, earth’s joys shut from her the Immortal’s bliss. Where Ignorance is, there suffering too must come. Therefore the dread teacher, pain is necessary. Pain is the hammer of the Gods to break a dead resistance and inertia in the mortal’s heart. The Great who came to save this suffering world must pass beneath the yoke of grief and pain. They must bear the pang they came to heal because they cannot cure the ills they never felt. Man must overcome an ancient adversary force; the hidden foe lodged in the human breast. This is the inner war without escape.