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Savitri, B. X, C. III, Part 6


We have seen that Savitri refused Death’s challenge to show him her strength and her freedom from his laws Now she refuses his statement that she will never again have Satyavan, and she challenges him in return. Savitri says; “If the eyes of Darkness can look straight at Truth, look in my heart and knowing what I am, give what thou wilt or what thou must, O Death. Nothing I claim but Satyavan alone.” Their debate has come to the central point. Savitri wants her Satyavan back and won’t go away without him. Death will not give Satyavan back. He wants her to go away without him. Savitri refuses Death’s promises of a better earthly life without Satyavan. She demands; “Give me back Satyavan, my only lord.” She begins to reveal who she really is by telling Death; “The great stars burn with my unceasing fire and life and death are both its fuel made…. There shall kiss, casting their veils before the marriage fire, the eternal bridegroom and eternal bride. Death’s darkness lightens a little as they move on.

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