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Savitri, B. X, C. IV, Part 4

Savitri’s Goddess Self Begins To Show

Savitri has declared that she is moved by God and that God’s spirit moves man to freedom. Death claimed that cosmic Law is greater than Savitri’s will and even God himself obeys the laws he made. Now Death admits that there is a greater being behind Savitri’s human form and personality, and that she has seen a greater Truth to come, but he says that so far she is the only one who has seen it. He claims that Truth has no home in the breast of earth, and with mortal men. Death’s truth is that nothing can bring Satyavan back to life. When Savitri answers Death, her mortality disappears and her goddess self grows visible in her eyes. She tells him that all contraries are aspects of God, the innumerable One, and everything is for the progress of evolution.

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