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Savitri, B. XII, Epilogue Part 1

Savitri and Satyavan Awaken To Life on Earth

As day turns to evening, Savitri awakens lying under a tree. Satyavan is still sleeping in her arms, held close to her breast, just as she held him when he died and Death came to take his soul away. Savitri feels a great change in herself. “A Power dwelt in her soul too great for earth, a bliss lived in her heart too large for heaven. Light too intense for thought and love too boundless for earth’s emotions lit her skies of mind and spread through her deep and happy seas of soul.” When Satyavan awakens, he tells her that he refused to stay in heaven without her, and that together they refused to enter the gates of night. Satyavan can see how Savitri is changed. He tells her that whatever she does, his human earth will still demand her bliss.