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Savitri Book 7, Canto 2, Part 1

Savitri enters her own vital being, the place of all the life energies, emotions, feelings and life impulses. Here she experiences the strength and power of the life energies that move us all. To her vision’s sight, the huge waves of vital energy moving inside her seem like a clamour of waters from unknown hills surging around a high and voiceless island.
Savitri has not yet found her soul, so this part of her being is not governed by the peace and love and truth consciousness that comes with the realization of the soul. Nor is she high enough in her being to have the presence of the mind, which organizes things and brings order.
Sri Aurobindo warns us of the dangers of an undisciplined life, governed by vital impulses and uncontrolled energies. He speaks of things we need to control in ourself and things we should avoid if we want to live in the higher qualities of our soul.