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Savitri Reading by Loretta

SAVITRI, BOOK VII, THE BOOK OF YOGA Canto I, The Joy of Union, the Ordeal of the Foreknowledge of Death and the Heart’s Grief and Pain.
In Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem, Savitri, when he writes about Princess Savitri, who conquers Death, he writes about Mother. The Book of Yoga is about Savitri’s inner work to prepare herself for her husband’s death. First she must find her soul, her Psychic Being. It is the same inner work that we can do to find our Psychic Being. Mother and Sri Aurobindo always say that the first step in Sri Aurobindo’s yoga is to realize our Psychic Being.
In the first part of Canto IV Savitri returns to the forest to marry Satyavan. Her life is fulfilled and she is lost in the joy of union until she remembers that he has only one year to live.