Photographer:Antonio Jack | Rolf, Shkati, Vera, Swaha, Svetlana and Sarswati on flute Photographer:Antonio Jack | Rolf, shakti, Vera and Saraswati on flute Photographer:Antonio Jack | Rolf, Shkati and Vera Photographer:Antonio Jack | Rolf, Shkati and Vera Photographer:Antonio Jack | Shakti introduces us into the language Photographer:Antonio Jack | Devasmita invites to the event Photographer:vesna | colorful Christmas
07 Jan / 2018Program by:
Featured: SwahaLanguage: English

Schedrij Vechir – An Evening of Abundance

Yesterday’s Schedrij Vechir or an Evening of Aboundance, an event of Ukrainian Pavilion, brought joy, warmth, colors to the community in Unity Pavilion. In Schedrij Vechir, which was actually a celebration of Ukrainian Orthodox Christmas , members of the community hailing form the region or nearby, shared with the audience some interesting facts of the country, and introduced us into their language,
Amazing voices of Vera, Shakti and Swaha, with Saraswati on flute, and Rolf on guitar lulled us fully into the region. By the last song the audience joined them excitedly.
Follow the previous, patrons could enjoyed in a delicious dinner, which has been lovingly prepared and cooked for past 3 days by many.
And the evening concluded by bonfire with dance.