Photographer:SEA | Sharing Circle participants - Pavilion of Tibetan Culture Photographer:SEA | Sharing circle facilitation

Sharing on 'Auroville Economy' to Vikalp Sangam participants

Vikalp Sangam is a pan-India initiative bringing together practical alternatives to the various aspects of mainstream society like education, health, economy, governance, agriculture, etc. to create a space for celebration, sharing, co-enquiry and collaboration and strengthen the alternatives movement in India. This five-year old initiative serves as a platform to continuously evolve a holistic framework for a New Society, much like Auroville has been in its vision and endeavour. 
The Vikalp Sangam’s New Economy Circle met in Auroville on 25-28 December to plan the first of the series of National Sangams (larger confluences of individuals and collectives) on the theme of ‘Economy’ in 2019. For this meeting, there were around 20 members, some of whom have decades of experience in contemplating on / experimenting with new forms of economy, restoring community and nature, in their own regions / organisations. Vikalp Sangam
As an introduction to Auroville and its experiments with money and alternative economy, a 3-hour ‘Auroville Economy’ Circle was organised on December 26th at Tibetan Pavilion. Around 10 Aurovilians from various Auroville-based organisations and initiatives shared their views on the central intent and aspiration of Auroville, along with their perspectives on the ‘New Economy’ and personal and organisational experiments around that theme, with the other participants in the circle. The sharing varied from the details of practical experiments to the overarching spiritual intent and its expression in the realm of economy. Some of the themes discussed were governance and hierarchy in Auroville, commons and sharing, Auroville as a community of service providers, inclusion of ‘workers’ in the Aurovilian community, economy of surrounding villages, role of the forest in ecenomy, experiencing shared values and beliefs, economic plans that didn’t work, direct vs. representative democracy, majority vs. consensus based decision-making, among other topics.

The circle was facilitated by Rakhal and Sangeetha of SEA (Social Entrepreneurship Association), which organised this sharing and the New Economy meet.