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Shradhanjali Offered to The Mother and Presented at CRIPA

At CRIPA on Saturday, 17th of November 2018 at 7:30 pm a Hindustani classical ensemble performed a Shradhanjali offering homage and giving tribute to The Mother on her Mahasamadhi Day.

Sohini Mojumdar and her mother Sanghita Mojumdar lead with beautiful Sanskrit slokas and devotional bhajans accompanied by Arindam Chakravarty on Tabla.
The Shradhanjali closed with Sujoy Basu praising The Mother on classical Hindustani Sitar with Arindam Chakravarty on Tabla.

The Hindustani light classical music and bhajans were performed by:

Sohini Mojumdar – Vocals
Sanghita Mojumdar – Harmonium
Arindam Chakravarty – Tabla
Sujoy Basu – Sitar

This event was organised by ARPANAA , Geeta from Creativity & Mona from Yantra.