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22 Dec / 2015Program by:

Sound and video live performance

They never met before.
He (Kiritan Flux) works as a live visual artist in Berlin. His artistic work ranges from VJ shows at prominent techno events to more conceptual live-cinema performances tailored to their unique local context.
She (Chloé Sanchez) travels between Auroville and France where she composes sounds for performing art, sound installation, radio and documentary.

Kiritan Flux was creating visuals in a live setting that solely consisted of video footage that was shot in Auroville by his partner Tlalit Segal Raayoni and himself just the day before the performance, while Chloé Sanchez created a soundscape from her collection of audio recordings captured in Auroville over the past years. They met for the first time only on the day of the performance!

Listen to the sound part on AurovilleRadio, click top right “play” button.
Have a look of the video excerpt of the performance edited by Christoph here :

kiritan flux & chloé sanchez @ auroville from brainfever on Vimeo.

Friday, December 18th, 2015
MMC / Cinema Paradiso, Auroville, India

total duration of live performance: 45 minutes

live performance credits:
audio improvisation: chloé sanchez
video improvisation: kiritan flux
camera: kiritan flux, tlalit segal raayoni
production: christoph pohl, brainfever media productions

video credits:
videography: tlalit segal raayoni, christoph pohl
photography: marco saroldi
sound recording: chloé sanchez
editing: christoph pohl
production: christoph pohl, brainfever media productions

thanks to:
auroville art service
auroville outreach media


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  • Vania

    Anywhere we can go to watch video of the performance?