Photographer:Andrea | On the left D. Sumit and Dr. Armarnath. Photographer:Andrea | Dr. Ruslan. Photographer:Andrea | Fif introducing her work as hospital clown. Photographer:Andrea | Hamish works with Fif in hospital clowning Photographer:Andrea | A short session of Laughter Yoga with Amish and Fif<br />
Photographer:Andrea | Dr. Ruslan.<br />
22 Feb / 2013Program by:
Featured: Kailash, AVIIHLanguage: English

Steps Aheda … Health

In Friday morning session of Steps Ahead .. presented by Sri Aurobindo Centre for Studies.. Indian and the World (Bharat Nivas) in collaboration of other Working Groups Kailash Clinic and Auroville Institute for Integral Health presented their reality of different ways of how to deal with diseases and ill condition of human body and spirit. At the end also benefits of Laughter Yoga were presented with short demonstration.

AVIIH Mission Statement: The mission of the Institute for Integral Health is to create an effective health care system. It has chosen to accomplish this task by adopting the recently emerging health care model called the integrative practice of medicine. This model is based upon the collaboration of multiple systems working together to provide comprehensive holistic care: These include but are not limited to: western allopathic, naturopathic, traditional Asian and energetic methods of healing.By combining the various diagnostic and treatment strengths of diverse systems, the integrative model effectively addresses where the current system is limited. It does this by providing low cost health care that prevents and treats disease. This subject will be more deeply explored further in this proposal. Therefore, the Institute has dedicated itself to effectively providing comprehensive Health care by adopting the Integrative model of medicine.