Photographer:Giorgio | The new Svaram building is close by the Ganesh Bakery Photographer:Kid in Svaram | Puja in a 'plein air' interview with Aurelio Photographer:Puja | Suryan playing his guitar. The inauguration started at 6 and ended at 6 pm. Photographer:Puja | Small musical instruments Photographer:Puja | Musical instruments Photographer:Puja | Windchimes Photographer:Giorgio | At the Svaram event participate many Aurovilians and Guests.
24 Dec / 2011Program by:
Featured: Aurelio & PujaLanguage: English

Svaram new home

Aurelio sounded the Ring for the official opening of the new Svaram building. Puja interviewed him about this special day and its significance. He said that this particular building will serve as an exhibition place, storeroom and research space. Besides this Svaram has its first building on the outer ring road,. The new space replaces an old building that burnt down 3 years ago. It represents 1 degree of 360 degrees of the ring, and tries to invoke the original plan of Aruoville to manifest the symbol of the Galaxy plan.