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Synthesis of Yoga

Sri Aurobindo, Synthesis of Yoga: Part Two Yoga of Integral Knowledge, Chapter XII Realization of Sachchidananda, page 383 …

” … the trinity of Sachicdananda … Existence, Consciousness, Bliss are everywhere the three inseparable divine terms. … The existence we really are … is nowhere and at no time unconscious.”

” …philosophy … not a lofty intellectual pastime … but a discovery of the basic truths of all-existence … to become the guiding principles of our own existence. … man can escape out of falsehood and ignorance and live in and by the truth … must be the aim of thinking man, it is by the highest truth which the soul must seek out by thought, and by life accomplish.”

“The individual soul separates itself both from the essential and the universal … thus takes its mind, body, life-stream for its essential self. … Non-possession of unity is the root cause; to recover unity … to realise the true self is to realise Sachcidananda.”