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Lakou Mizik

Lakou Mizik originally came together in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and they had put together a collective of amazing musicians inspired by the concept of sharing the culture of Haiti in connection with New Orleans and the World.

On 29th of July this year hearts of many has stopped with the news that Croatian musical icon Oliver Dragojevic died.. Millions, old and young alike, have been touched by his songs for past four decades ...R.I.P. Oliver!

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Soca Frenzy 2018

Laready the 200th Crop over Festival on Barbados was celebrated past month. In this musical edition we are featuring some of very dancable soca song of Soca 2018.

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Oki's Heart

Little Oki, a small child, is the only person who can save her seashore village of Nagisaa. She must go on a dangerous quest to contact the great Spirits, for only they can help her.

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