Photographer:web | The Great Wave off Kanagawa
20 Apr / 2018Program by:

Oki's Heart

Little Oki, whose name means ‘middle of the ocean”, was born at sea. She takes upon herself the dangerous task of saving her village from the destructive force of a tsunami.

She must find the great elemental Spirits to ask their help.
Her journey takes her to seek Moanna, the Spirit of the Ocean; Fuu, the Wind Spirit;
Fudo, the Spirit of Fire and Wisdom and Riku, the Spirit of the Earth.

She must gather all the hearts of the Great Spirits; only then will she find the final heart which will save the village and transform the great force of the tsunami.



  • Nirima Oza

    Beautiful story, very well narrated.

    • Miriam

      Dear Nirima!
      thank You for listening 🙂
      this beautiful story is one of the latest of Noel Parent’s stories for children.