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Somos Pacifico

Cumbia, musical diversity, as a result of clash of different cultures in the area of South America, starting in Colombia, and spreading fast to the whole area, along with islands of middle America or West Indies…..
ChocquibTown – Somos Pacifico
Bomba Estereo – Somos Dos
Celia Cruz – La Negra Tiene Tumbao
Calle 13 – Latinoamerica
Lagrimas Negras – Cuba Feliz
La Delio Vladez – Yo Me Llamo Cumbia
La Sonora Carruseles – Mosaico Cumbias
Los Warahuaco – El Pescador de Baru
Joaquin Bedoya Y Su Conjunto – Llegaron Las Putierrez
Salsa Celtica – Cumbia Celtica
Los Hijos del Sol – Carinito – The Roots of Chicha
Ondatropica- Cumbia Espacial
Bomba Estereo – Soy Yo
Los Angeles Azules – Cumbia Pa Gozar
ChocquibTown – Hasta Que Amanezca

Energy in Sound, Colours

Emanating from Latin America, cumbia rhythms are fast becoming as international as the ubiquitous sounds of house and techno. And as they spread, they are bringing shuffling syncopations and vibrant polyrhythms, bright-colored timbres that blend traditional sounds with new electronic forms. When those noises dance out of familiar hardware and software rigs, they’re also a reminder that common tools need not mean homogenized results – not once in the hands of creative musicians.
Bridging the past and future, nature and cosmos…


Bomba Estereo – El Alma Y El Cuerpo
Animal Chuki – Boa
Captain Planet ft. La Yegros – Que Quiero Volver
Choc Quib Town – Somos Pacifico
Copia Doble Systema – Fisketorvet Riddim (Soom T Dub)
Dengue Dengue Dengue – Banana
El Remolon – Mujeres
Systema Solar – Fayaguaya
Frikstailers – Omoeprazol
Shushupe Kwetiao
Sub Swara ft. Zuzuka Ponderosa – Tambores
Frikstaliers – Triptico
Systema Sola – Ya Veras

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Jul 2015

Cumbia Cumbia

Cumbia might be the most popular music in Latin America. Today , cumbia is played from the borderlands of Texas down the spine of the Andes to the tip of Tierra del Fuego. Cumbia left Colombia in 60s and 70s and traveled to other countries, and everywhere it went, it transformed itself, adapting to its new environment, sometimes also changing its name… Yet cumbia is a product of history, all the migrations, colonization, and that way is merging different styles and instruments from all corners … to all what is named today Cumbia, with its own originality, and specific, melos and rhythm …. but when one hears it does know that that is CUMBIA.


Grupo Zafra – Cumbia de La Marimba
Axel Krieger – Donde Estas
Los Destellos – Constealcion
Chacalon y Nueva Crema – Amargo Amor
Los Wawanco – El Conductor
Pibes Chorros – Sonos 5 Amigos
Ocote Soul Sound – Cumbia
Group Fanasma – Peligrosa
Los Tigres del Norte – La Banda del Carro Rojo
Celso Pina – Cumbia Poder
Kumbia Kings – Sabes e Chocolate
Kumbia Kings – Subete la Falda
King Coya – Tarpuricusum Sarata
Sabo & Cassady – Esa Loca Cumbia
Sabo & Cassady – La Curura
La Troba Kung-Fu – Rumbia
Vitaly Novich – Cumbia Cienaguera
Damas Gratis – Baila Bien Pu
King Coya – Dougou Badia

Comments: 0 Date: 15 Jul 2015

Friday, Friday, Friday

In today’s news we are featuring Elvira’s thoughts during yesterday’s General Meeting (GM) on Land Exchange. Also, from the same event, some words of Auroculture’s. Thereafter, a short announcement by Jesse on the Friday night events: 7.30pm Visitor Centre: Classik Stuff by Genius Brothers, and 8.30pm Unity Pavilion: A Lo Latino. Before that, however, another GM, this one on the New Entry-Exit Process Proposal, this at 4.30pm, SAWCHU. On Saturday "Shall we …Unity?" will be happening at Kalabhumi, at 8pm.

Open your heart and the Light will enter and dwell within it. The Mother

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Oct 2013
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