On Wednesday 23rd of Janaury musical word get to know that music legend Oliver Mtukudzi's guitar strums were silenced in diabetes battle. Tuku was handed a honorary award on Tuesday, and president of Zimbabwe declared him as national hero.

Lakou Mizik originally came together in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and they had put together a collective of amazing musicians inspired by the concept of sharing the culture of Haiti in connection with New Orleans and the World.

Today's musical edition features mostly , so called, new age music along with electronic, featuring pieces from Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Enya, .. to Deuter and Kitaro.

Second part of rich, and diverse Afro Pop, and Afrobeat musical scene of Kenya, and East Africa is featuring some fresh (13 years old Amani Gracious), and some older cuts (as it is late E-Sir), and of course plenty in between ...

For the middle of the week we selected for you a funky jazz mix to keep you in the mood, featuring Bonobo, The Fantastics!, The Shiffers, Karolina Kutiman, Bajka, Fort Knox Five, and others.

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