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07 Nov / 2018Program by:

Cricket’s Rapshody

Crickets chirp, and fireflies glow,
Fairies flying to and fro.
Bats haphazardly swerve and swoop,
Crazy pilot loop de loop.

Purple sunset in the sky,
Birds chirping in trees up high.
Full moon rising in the east,
While the bats enjoy their insect feast

Singing frogs and toads appear,
Fine baritones, for all to hear.
A festive riot at the end of day,
All night life comes out to play.

Juan Olivarez



  • Chris

    Close your eyes and you are back in lovely Auroville.

    • Miriam

      Dear Chris!
      yeeesss 🙂
      thank you for listening, and support
      hope that this one carry you further