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CAT – ‘ Exploring Prosperity ‘

5th Sept 2017 – CAT – ‘ Exploring Prosperity ‘

Auroville is approaching a landmark date, 50 years of existence. This is a wonderful opportunity to come together and celebrate our unity and resilience but is an even bigger chance for us to go into an introspection of where we are and what should be our route map for the future.
A group of Aurovillians have taken up the challenge to address core issues in Auroville, in areas regarding Human resource, services, commercial units, farms & forest, education, fixed assets and self governance.
The core team comprising of Pashi, Umberto, Luigi, Joseba and Giacomo with a support group of Anandi, Mita, Srimoyi, Rita, Paulette, Jaya, Romel and Mimansha.
Listen to the meeting as Pashi and group explore deeply into the Mother’s actual original plan with facts and figures for developing Auroville – A city the earth needs.
The group identifies itself as ‘exploring prosperity’ and can be contacted at . this is an open group and is open to all ideas related to steering Auroville onto a sturdy path progress and collective prosperity.

Comments: 0 Date: 11 Sep 2017

Auroville Units & Services

This was the 2nd session of ‘Joy of Learning Series’, organized by Auroville Campus Initiative, ACI.
Joy of Learning Series is an attempt to create space for collective learning environment on various aspects related to Auroville’s growth.
Still within the theme of ‘Auroville Economy Overview’, this session was planned to cover:

1) Evolution of The Mother’s vision on Economy – by Gilles G
2) A chronological account of Auroville’s Economic Experiments since beginning – by Alain Bernard
3) Overview of Auroville Services Landscape – by Nicole and Isha

Next session is proposed to address the overview of ‘Diverse practices of Units’.

The report of first session covering ‘Unique Features of Auroville economy and Financial Structure’ could be accessed on Aurowiki:

The recording could be accessed on Auroville Radio:

To contact, please write to
Auroville Campus Initiative (ACI) Team – Lalit, Mike, Min

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Oct 2014

PTW, Art Chakra

A happy announcement from our team we are welcoming Sergio and Marieke’s new son Unai to the world! Chloe is visiting with Lucas (a musician and sound hacker) and is planning an exciting event – concert of radio. BCC inform the community that following the decision of the Resident Assembly regarding Pour Tous Water, the BCC has arrived at a list for scope of works to be carried out by Pour Tous Water, and agreed with their team to a mode of functioning and a monthly budget. This will be a 2 years experiment with a six monthly review by BCC.

O Lord.. may Thy Beauty spread through all the earth, may Thy Love be kindled in every heart and Thy Peace reign over all.
The Mother
You see only your side of the question, but if you want to widen your consciousness it would be better to look from all sides impartially. Later you will discover that this attitude has great advantage.
The Mother

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Aug 2014

Volunteering in Auroville

SAVI is a service welcoming volunteers in Auroville. Last Friday, the 13th, they’ organized a second Cafe Auroville Gathering at the Unity Pavilion. Discussions focused on seven topics: 1) Welcoming process, 2) Housing, 3) Food, 4) Transport, 5) Services, 6) Networking, and 7) Socializing. This second Gathering offered an opportunity for volunteers to discuss results obtained at the previous meeting. This time Aurovilians and volunteers were asked to choose their topics and to join a group for sharing experiences and knowledge.

During the event each group presented their topic problems and offered solutions. All are invited to join the Facebook group called: Cafe Auroville Gathering.

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Dec 2013

Cafe Auroville, Marathon

In today’s news we are featuring Michael talking on the second edition of Cafe Auroville, which will

happen tomorrow from 1pm onward, at Unity Pavilion in the International Zone. The second interview is with Balaji on the 7th edition of the Auroville Marathon, which will take place on February 9th, 2014. LATINOAMERIKA will share with us some aspects of culture – from films and food to music, along with Sri Aurobindos dramatic romance play Viziers of Bassora on December 14th, 15th and 16th, at 7pm at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas. At Cripa on the 15th, there will be a special Christmas play, Awakening of the Christmas Light, at 10.30am. ************************ The Master of man and his infinite Lover, He is close to our hearts, had we vision to see; We are blind with our pride and the pomp of our passions, We are bound in our thoughts where we hold ourselves free. Sri Aurobindo

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Dec 2013

For the End

Younger children of Deepanam School prepared for the end of the year their own unique presentation of their project works. The youngest ones were visiting Matrimandir, while elder were researching their own social and biological environment and others were busy by visiting services and work units of Auroville. Presentation was for their school friends, holders or representatives of units and services they visited and for teachers.

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Apr 2011
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