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24 Oct / 2014Program by:
Featured: GillesLanguage: English

Auroville Units & Services

This was the 2nd session of ‘Joy of Learning Series’, organized by Auroville Campus Initiative, ACI.
Joy of Learning Series is an attempt to create space for collective learning environment on various aspects related to Auroville’s growth.
Still within the theme of ‘Auroville Economy Overview’, this session was planned to cover:

1) Evolution of The Mother’s vision on Economy – by Gilles G
2) A chronological account of Auroville’s Economic Experiments since beginning – by Alain Bernard
3) Overview of Auroville Services Landscape – by Nicole and Isha

Next session is proposed to address the overview of ‘Diverse practices of Units’.

The report of first session covering ‘Unique Features of Auroville economy and Financial Structure’ could be accessed on Aurowiki:

The recording could be accessed on Auroville Radio:

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