Photographer:Cassandra | Visiting researcher Lara Monticelli presenting on current trends in social change movements (Unity Pavillion) Photographer:Cassandra | The Bridge @ Unity Pavillion Photographer:Cassandra | Manish Jain sharing unlearning and unconferences at The Bridge (Unity Pavillion) Photographer:Cassandra | Sarath Davala presenting research on Universal Basic Income at The Bridge (Unity Pavillion) Photographer:Cassandra | Israel Gev presents his years of research into water management in Israel and Auroville (Unity Pavillion) Photographer:Cassandra | Suryamayi addressing the audience of The Bridge (Unity Pavillion) Photographer:Cassandra | The Bridge panel for Conscious Collectivity (Unity Pavillion)

“The Bridge’’ Day 2, Afternoon: Presentations on “Conscious Collectivity’’

The Bridge, Day Two, Afternoon. Theme: Conscious Collectivity.
Exploring experiments and practices that foster collective consciousness.

Presentations by visiting researchers:
Lara Monticelli: From the Individual to Collective Consciousness.
Fostering Positive Social Change Through Collective Prefigurative Practices

Manish Jain: From a Schooling to a Learning Society

Sarath Davala: Unconditional & Universal Basic Income:
“Foundation of a more Caring and Evolved Society”

Israël Gev: Socio-Economic Models of Water Management in Israel

Panel discussion on the theme of Conscious Collectivity with:
Abha Tewari – Israël Gev – Kavitha Urvasie Selvaraj – Lara Monticelli – Manish Jain – Sarath Davala – Suhasini Ayer – Facilitated by B Sullivan

“Auroville will be a site of material and spiritual researches for a living embodiment of an actual human unity.” Auroville Charter

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1. Presentation on Collective Prefigurative Practices by Lara Monticelli}

2. Presentation on Universal Basic Income by Sarath Davala

{3. Presentation on Water Management by Israël Gev