Photographer:Cassandra | Centre D’Art at Citandines housing the “On the way to Supermanhood’' exhibition Photographer:Cassandra | Marco with his work at the Citadines exhibitions Photographer:Cassandra | Visiting researcher Mark at the exhibition Photographer:Cassandra | Chantal guiding the visiting researchers through the exhibition Photographer:Cassandra | Ravi Agarwal and Mr. Murti presenting their art installation “The Sea speaks’’ Photographer:Cassandra | Ann and Damesh at DuStudio (Swayam Community) Photographer:Cassandra | Korean Silent Lunch

The Bridge Day 5, morning: Creative Progress – site visits

“Creative Progress” – Creativity that transcends boundaries to give expression to our highest aspirations.

“Make of beauty your constant ideal. Beauty of soul, beauty of thought, beauty of feelings, beauty of action, beauty in work.’’ The Mother

The exploration of Creative Progress began with researchers, activists and artists from Auroville, India and abroad visiting the Matrimandir for a silent concentration. Symbolic of bridging the inner and the outer through art, we went on to an exhibition of works from different Aurovilian artists inspired by Satprem’s “On the way to Supermanhood’’ in Citadines. Aurovilian artists Chantal and Marco guided us through the exhibition and shared the intentions behind and methods used in the presented works. Moving into socially and environmentally engaged art, we gathered around an installation “The Sea speaks’’, a collaborative project between visiting artist Ravi Agarwal and Aurovilian sculptor N. Murti, on display next to the ACUR Townhall. At “Dustudio’’ architecture studio in the Auroville community Swayam we learned about the art of designing and constructing buildings. The morning was concluded with a Korean silent lunch.

00:00:00 – Introduction to the exhibition by Chantal
00:04:00 – Introduction to Marco
00:04:22 – Aurovilian artist Marco talks about his art in the exhibition
00:09:10 – Soundscape – Marco and visiting researchers experimenting with music instruments
00:13:45 – Chantal talks about art work by Aurovilian Ireno
00:15:09 – Ravi Agarwal talks about his art installation at ACUR Townhall
00:28:05 – Welcoming at DuStudio by Dharmesh
00:29:28 – Dharmesh talks about DuStudio

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