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01 Apr / 2015Program by:
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The Co-Creator 1st meeting

There has been a momentum created by the Auroville Retreat and Monica Sharma workshops which we want to continue and amplify.
We have the wonderful opportunity now to further this work and increase our skill-level in manifesting the changes which so many of us want to see.
In this light, longtime Auroville friends and supporters Katharine Roske and Carolyn Anderson have offered to engage with us in an online course on principles and practices of co-creation.
The essence of co-creation is working from the inside out, combining the spiritual practices of deep listening, building resonance, love and inner wisdom with outer actions in the world.
Katherine and Carolyn have authored “the Co-Creators handbook” which will be the support material for this course. The tools they have evolved in this book have been applied in various contexts around the world: youth leadership, community building, mediation, decision making and more.