Photographer:Mar | Visitor Centre stage Photographer:Wobbli | Vera (left) and Swaha Photographer:Mar | Dhani (left) and Matt Photographer:Wobbli | Sep Photographer:Wobbli | Shakti Photographer:Mar | From left: Matt, Vera, Swaha and Shakti Photographer:Wobbli | From left: Sep, Rolf and Vera
04 Feb / 2017Program by:
Featured: SwahaLanguage: English

The Funky Side of Life

The 3rd International Potter’s Market ended on 28th January at the Visitor’s Centre with the enjoyable concert of “The Funky Side of Life”, a band composed by two vocalists Vera and Swaha, Matt at sax, Dhani guitars and vocals, Shakti piano and vocals, Sep at drums and Rolf at Bass. More than one hour of good music, well played classic jazz hits and original songs.


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