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Photographer:Krupa | Concept of the Dream Dome Photographer:EG Photography | Peter Anderschitz Photographer:EG Photography | Volunteers at the site Photographer:EG Photography | Sweet drongo perched on the dome. Photographer:EG Photography | Holi Celebration with Volunteers Photographer:EG Photography | Art Break Day Photographer:Vikram Ram | Aerial photography of Sankalpa Art Center

The Manifestation of the Art Dome

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A conversational interview between Sankalpa: Art Journeys intern Marichelle Gurski (US) and architect Peter A. (German Aurovilian) on his philosophy behind creating the double-dome structure of the Sankalpa Art Center. Sankalpa is sub-unit of Thamarai, including the center located behind Tibetan Pavilion in the International Zone and the Art Cart parked at Visitor’s Center. Sankalpa provides the community with creative spaces for transformation of both inner and outer worlds, by breaking down the barriers that inhibit self-expression, making art accessible to all, and facilitating human unity through art.

This is an open dialogue about Peter’s journey to Auroville where he found a fascination with geodesic domes and their application in the community. We are given a rare glimpse into the wisdom of the stories he has to tell and how the structure of these domes bring people together.

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13 Apr / 2017

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Concept of the Dream Dome
Peter Anderschitz
Volunteers at the site
Sweet drongo perched on the dome.
Holi Celebration with Volunteers
Art Break Day
Aerial photography of Sankalpa Art Center