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19 Oct / 2018Program by:
Featured: ManishLanguage: English

The Realms of The Ancient Martial Art ‘Kalaripayattu’

As the Navratri Pooja of 2018 concludes with the Vijayadashami on October 19, the Kalari at the Aspirations Ground prayed to the gods for blessings with a special traditional Pooja. The students that train the art form of ‘Kalaripayattu’ sought blessings from their masters and also payed respect to the weapons used at the Kalari.
Manish, the Guru at the Kalari in Aspirations Ground explains about the ancient martial art, he imparts his understanding and knowledge of the art form in a very clear and intelligible manner. He expresses his passion for the art form by exploring the different aspects of ‘Kalaripayattu’. Manish with his in-depth knowledge of the art dives into the evolution of the martial art with respect to different eras in history, he also talks about the present situation and his ideas on reviving the ancient culture in a profound way.