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04 Feb / 2016Program by:
Featured: Laura HaslettLanguage: English

The True Stories of Volunteers

Volunteers’ Presentation talk about social work in Auroville.

Once a month, SAVI would like to share with the community the real stories of volunteers and the importance of their involvement and contribution to the development of various local and communal projects.

This month, Laura Haslett and Tanvi Gupta present their experiences working with Auroville Village Action Group (AVAG), the background, aspirations as well as past and present outreach projects working with villagers that they have been developing and delivering.

Melanie LeFebvre shares her experiences as a long term volunteer at Ecofemme Project. She talks about her involvement in expanding business and marketing side of the project, school outreach projects and raising important issues surrounding feminine hygene.

Recorded at the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture on 28/01/2016

Presentation organised by SAVI