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24 Feb / 2018Program by:
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To Renew Matrix of Peace by Marko Pogacnik

Last night at Heling Centre , opposite of Felicity we had a chance to listen to an inspiring talk of Marko Pogacnik , who works in the field of art combined with integral ecology.. Marko, who, among other, have a status of UNESCO Artist for Peace, has developed in 80ies a method of Earth healing called “lithopuncutre”, whereby stone stellar, informed by “cosmograms” are positioned in particular points in the earth .
Gathered aurovilians, guests, ashramites were able to ask questions after Marko’s talk.
A line of workshops by Marko Poga?nik UNESCO Artist for Peace (

Facing the escalation of wars all around us and perceiving the
one-sided decisions of politicians that support the escalation of economic injustice or even fuel warfare we should without hesitation work on transforming the twisted patterns that cause conflicts among people and deny the right of all beings of the Earth, visible and invisible to live in peace.

There is no hope for a lasting peace on our home planet without renewing the archetypes of peace with the Earth, among its living beings, and peace among peoples and nations. Let us work creatively on renewing the peace matrix pulsating in the memory of the Earth!

The key for establishing peace and the capability to renew the peace matrix is present within each one of us. The question is how to activate it.

Comprising two days work, the Workshop on Renewing the Peace Matrix purpose is to give voice to new approaches to the theme of peace and to generate the needed impulses of change using the Gaia Touch body exercises and relevant meditations and rituals.