Photographer:Gino | The meeting took place at Unity Pavilion at Art for Land exibition Photographer:Gino | Presentation about decision making process Photographer:Gino | People listening with attention Photographer:Gino | The presentation included the topic of Production and Consumption Photographer:Gino | Jaya giving a presentation on Self Sustainability
02 Feb / 2018Program by:
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Transitioning towards a Basic Needs/ Gift Economy

Participants shared ideas, strategies and attempts as ‘work in progress’ towards Auroville’s economic development in alignment with The Mother’s Vision.

The lab started up with a series of presentations given by various individuals of various sectors of Auroville about a New Economy towards Self Sustainability.

In the second half of the lab we sat in a circle and shared points of views, inspirational proposals and attempts towards possible actions for a system that works with no money ensuring no poverty.

One of the main suggestion brought forward by the lab was looking at the production and consumption of some every day products here in Auroville.

An opening of the floor to questions led to many interesting ideas and suggestions including but not limited to:
A new community food court
The need for increased data sharing to raise Aurovillians awareness around purchase/spending habits
An optional test scheme for New Comers interested in exploring a no-money economic model ensuring value testing (measure the value received to the community against the initial funding outlay)
Looking at cultivating local edible varieties, and educate consumers into preparing and growing those.

The meeting took place on the 30th of January 2018 at Unity Pavilion there was an economic lab organized by CAT.

The next meeting organized by CAT will be on exploring a direction that Auroville could take to re-align with our aims and ideals in the present situation of the GST.
This participatory meeting will take place on Friday the 9th of February, 4.30pm to 6.30pm at Unity Pavilion.