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24 Apr / 2016Program by:

Twelfth Night at Adishakti

A Five times National RJ award winner RJ Mantra was interviewed by Intern-Journalist of Auroville Radio Mr. Stephen Anurag. RJ Mantra is one among the performers with the character Sir Andrew Aguecheek for Piya Behrupiya a Hindi version of the William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” which was performed by The Company Theatre at Adishakti.

Before the performance RJ Mantra who was part of Auroville Radio shared his excitement and experiences working at Auroville Radio. He said “You are where I was, and You will be where I am now”. He meant that to the interns/volunteers of Auroville Radio that they shall grow for sure from the position they are at present as Auroville Radio gives an amazing exposure to its part takers and for those who have voluntarily decided to help the Auroville Radio.

The play was directed by Atul Kumar and it was an amazing time for all visitors at Adishakti to have an experience to one of the greatest pieces of Shakespeare recited in Hindi. The crowd was comprising of guests of Auroville, visitors from abroad and other states of India, government officials, university professors, students and many music and drama lovers.

This event was hosted in commemorating 400 years death anniversary of the William Shakespeare, a greatest English writer, poet, dramatist and an actor and also as a part of month long “‘remembering Veenapani Chawla’.

“If music be the food of love, play on” – William Shakespeare


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  • Renu

    Hey Mantra, I’m doing great! The dawn is breaking here and everywhere – Congrats on your performance!