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04 Aug / 2020Program by:

Two Talks to Chinese Visitors – Talk One

Two Talks to Chinese Visitors – Talk One

Introduction To Sri Aurobindo And Mother;

The Purpose Of The Ashram And Auroville

In February a group of Chinese visitors requested a lecture on Sri Aurobindo and Mother. Some of them have read Chinese translations of Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s books by scholar Hu Hsu, who lived in the Ashram. Loretta gave two talks and answered their questions. The Chinese interpreter was Anandi Zhang. The first talk is on the lives of Mother and Sri Aurobindo, and their realizations of the new consciousness that the world now feels, and the work they did to help mankind receive this consciousness. The visitors have a small place of spiritual practice at the foot of the Zhongnan Mountains, home to monks, nuns and other spiritual seekers since ancient times. Their aspiration is that more and more people in China will have access to Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s teachings and will be inspired to do the Yoga of Transformation. They hope to bring back to China the energy and blessings they feel here.




得益于黎明之城居民清宁(Anandi Zhang)的联络和翻译,他们与数十年学习和实修室利·阿罗频多和母亲教导的洛雷塔(Loretta)老师见面,听了她的两次分享并向她提出了一些自己和许多人都关心的问题。