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04 Aug / 2020Program by:

Two Talks to Chinese Visitors – Talk Two

Two Talks to Chinese Visitors – Talk Two

Finding The Soul: The First Major Step In The Yoga Of Sri Aurobindo

In the second talk to the Chinese visitors, Loretta spoke about Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s teachings about how to find the individual soul. Finding our soul is the first major step in the practice of Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga. As part of this process, Loretta explained about the formation of the Psychic Being, and the universal planes of being and their correspondence to the planes and parts of human beings. Then she described the practice which Sri Aurobindo and Mother teach for doing Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga, which they call the triple work of Aspiration, Rejection and Surrender. The interpreter was Anandi Zhang. We have two photographs of Mother and Hu Hsu, the Chinese scholar who lived in the Ashram for twenty-seven years, and translated 10 of Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s books. The Ashram Archives has put Chinese scholar Hu Hsu’s translation of Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s books on a freely accessible website. Each book has a separate link. They are all listed here. (The Human Cycle and The Mother) (Essays on the Gita) (Words of the Mother, Vol. 1) (Words of the Mother, Vol. 2) (Bases of Yoga and The Synthesis of Yoga, Parts 1-3) (The Synthesis of Yoga, Part 4 and Letters on Yoga) (The Life Divine, Vol. 1) (The Life Divine, Vol. 2) (Fifty Upanishads, Vol. 1) (Fifty Upanishads, Vol. 2)



室利·阿罗频多修道院档案室将徐梵澄翻译的室利·阿罗频多和母亲的主要作品上传到了一个可供免费下载的网站。请点击下面的链接: (《社会进化论》;《神母道论》) (《薄伽梵歌论》) (《母亲的话》第一、二辑) (《母亲的话》第三、四辑) (《瑜伽的基础》;《瑜伽论》(一)、(二)、(三)) (《瑜伽论》(四);《瑜伽书札集》) (《神圣人生论》(上卷)) (《神圣人生论》(下卷)) (《奥义书》(一)) (《奥义书》(二))