Photographer:WObli | Shakti and Vera
04 Jan / 2018Program by:

Ukrainian Pavilion presents SHCHEDRIJ VECHIR


Saturday 6 of January at 6 pm. Unity Pavilion hosts an Ukrainian event. The Evening of Abundance, Orthodox Christmas. Program for this evening :

– Short Presentation on Ukrainian Culture by Vladimir Yatsenko;
– Short video presentation about beautiful places of Ukraqine and Ukrainian origin;
– Ukrainian folk song concert by Vera, Shakti, Swaha, with Saraswati on flute and Rolf on guitar;
– Dinner ( by registration in UP 0413#2623576, a variety of delicious foods (suggested donation 350 INR by account, cash, or AV card)
– Dancing and singing around the fire;
– Flower Crowns making;
– You can also obtain a shirt with Ukrainian print (on donation basis);
All funds received will go towards the making of the Ukranian Pavilion.

Everybody is welcome! Looking to see you and share with us our Ukrainian space!