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Ultimate Hat Tournament

Auroville hosted the third annual India "Hat" tournament during the first three days in February. Sports fields where used across the whole of Auroville with the finals held at Certitude on Sunday afternoon. Big thanks to Mark who as organized this third annual tournament in Auroville. Ultimate Frisbee uses similar rules as Basketball to pass the disk between players and have a score zone at both ends of the field similar as American football. Most unique is that there is no referee and the players call themselves faults being made.

Auroville Ultimate was formed 3 years ago. Every February, the Auroville Ultimate Club organizes tournaments with a format called Hat. Hat tournaments are tournaments in which players join individually rather than as a team. Teams are formed taking into account skill, experience, sex, age, height, and fitness level of the players in the attempt to form teams of even strength. There is a strong emphasis on forming new connections, on having fun and sharing knowledge within the Ultimate Community. Players of all levels take part in such events from world-class players to complete beginners. Ours is the only Hat Tournament in India allowing each player to prove themselves anew. It also allows to bridge differences among people from varying social and cultural backgrounds in an attempt to learn to work together and play as an effective team.We feel this format and sport reflect the spirit of Auroville and give an opportunity to youth and adults to come together to learn, have fun, and challenge themselves each at their own level. Our training sessions (Mondays and Saturdays at 5 pm in Certitude) include fitness, drills, and game time.


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