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Unlimited Tamil Nadu

You have an idea?
Your idea can start a business? You are aware about being eco-friendly and sustainable? You do not want to spend your life in a stupid job.
You want to be your own master and help other people. Profit is not your only drive. Talk to us. We are Unlimited Tamil Nadu.
We coach, consult and support your business ideas. Sophie, Jerry, Nisha, Shiva and Olivier are there to help and counsel you.



  • r k jha rkjha04 rkjha

    Tamilnadu is a very beautiful state. people r very friendly. but language problem restricts tourist from east, west, nd north for visiting far n interior places.

  • cecili

    hi my nameis Cecília im from Spain im looking to make a volunteer, im already 5 months doing an other vouneer pogrm now its finish i will be here until march 2015. Please contact me….thnks

  • Andrea

    Hi Cecília, did you received our email?