Photographer:Cassandra | Peter and Keerit showing our visiting researchers Utility Canyon Photographer:Cassandra | The Bridge exploring Utility Canyon Photographer:Cassandra | A forest walk in Pitchandikulam with Joss Photographer:Cassandra | (Photographer: Cassandra)" rel="" /> Photographer:Cassandra | Dr Lucas presenting the work of Ecopro in the bio region Photographer:Cassandra | Ribhu presenting the Auroville project Wasteless to our visiting researchers Photographer:Cassandra | The Aurovilian panel during the Question and Answer session

The Bridge Day 3, morning: Harmony from Diversity. Site visit & presentations

It’s an early morning for us at the third day of “The Bridge’’, but there is no better time to discover the Utility Canyon in Auroville’s greenbelt. Here, in front of the amazing sight of the deep canyon at first daylight, we heard from Gilles, Keerit, Peter and Audrey about the environmental work done in Auroville’s canyons. An early morning walk needs to be followed by a delicious breakfast, which we enjoyed on the rooftop-terrace of the Gaia’s Garden’s guesthouse. Invigorated with fresh croissants, various Auroville jams and fresh fruit we continued our exploration of “Harmony from Diversity’’ at Pitchandikulam Forest. Joss showed us the forest’s bio-diversity resource center with its many applied research and regional outreach projects and took us on an educational stroll through the forest. Join us on this walk with the recording below!

Aurovilians introduced us to the vast variety of experiments in the field of sustainable environmental development that the City of Dawn has explored and continues to develop: First Ecopro’s Lucas presented to us their work in the fields of environmental health and public hygiene with a primary focus on soil and water. Vivek from Buddha Garden gave us an overview on farming practices in Auroville and Auroville Consulting’s Toine took us on a journey through the history of energy management in Auroville form their beginnings to potential futures. Martin, co-founder of Auroville Consulting, deepened our understanding of sustainable water management in the context of agricultural practices by presenting the smart irrigation project that Buddha Garden is currently developing; and finally Ribhu communicated the urgency of individuals, especially the next generation’s, to take responsibility for effective waste management. He showed us that wasting less is a lot more joyous than one may think at first. Pitchandikulam’s natural stones served as seating arrangements in the forest community’s beautifully designed open communal kitchen and
we had lunch amidst the harmony of nature’s diversity.

00:00:00 – Keerit and Peter about Utility canyon, history and current situation
00:14:17 – Gilles about the current state of the hydrological system at regional level
00:32:51 – Discussion about water quality and quantity in the bioregion and the outcome on agricultural practices as well as on the development trajectories of Pondicherry
00:40:10 – Keerit and Peter show utility canyon and one of its dams
00:45:05 – Beginning of Pitchandikulam forest visit with Joss
00:52:00 – Joss about the Pitchandikulam forest history, current activities and tasks
01:35:40 – Lucas about the project Eco Pro and their work in the bioregion
01:56:25 – Vivek on farming practices in Auroville
02:12:25 – Toine talking about energy management in Auroville
02:32:30 – Martin presents on a project for smart irrigation located in Buddha Garden
02:47:18 – Ribhu “talks trash’’ (Auroville project “Wasteless’’)
03:14:17 – Q & A

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