Photographer:Zara | sharing session at Kalekendra Gallery Photographer:Zara | Janet is reflecting in early days Photographer:Zara | Janet sharing her memories, Sonia listens Photographer:Zara | Tapas remembers Photographer:Zara | life was harsh but i found a spark Photographer:Zara | Jaya remembers harhs reality of first days Photographer:Zara | sharing session next months on Tuesday at 4pm at Kalekendra
16 May / 2018Program by:
Featured: JayaLanguage: English

Very Early Days of Auroville by Janet

At Kalekendra Gallery , Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India for the next few months on Tuesdays at 4pm sharing sessions will be going on by different member form the Ashram and Auroville on early days of Auroville, started by Mother. .
Yesterday we had a chance to witness the session with Janet, who was answering questions asked by Tapas, and was reflecting on the reality of every first years of Auroville; followed by the conversation between Janet, Sonia, Jaya and Tapas remembering many details.
At the same time the exhibition The Dawn of Auroville is still on display, and serves as the background and illustration to the conversations.

The Dawn of Auroville is an exhibition with basic information on the concept of Auroville, its inauguration and the beginning of Matrimandir till November 1973.
It has been
curated by Sur Aurobindo Ashram Archive in collaboration with Auroville Archive and Bharat Nivas