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Voices of the New Creation: The youth of Auroville talks

On 23 February in Bharat Nivas, a day of meeting and confrontation between old and new generations of Auroville took place. The old ones have brought their visions based their experience lived so far in reality and hopes. The younger generations expressed contents regarding a possible future thanks to their new energies.
In the audio recording we published you can listen to this interesting sharing held during the afternoon. In the video you can watch and listen to Michael and Manjula talking about their impressions on the meeting

In the morning ten young adults presented their projects and ideas. Some of them had just finished the New Comers period, others returned after a long stay abroad. Young people expressed the pleasure of living in Auroville, determined to continue the experience lived in this international community.
We do not publish these presentations but we can provide a copy to those who request it.

The event was organized by Aster Patel, Sri Aurobindo Center for Studies.



  • mb

    A very relevant to the future of Auroville meeting and good audio quality, thank you.

    • Andrea

      True… Thanks Maryliz !