Photographer:Zarin | Tom and IngMarie of Water Group
08 Jan / 2019Program by:
Featured: Ing Marie, TomLanguage: English

Water Awareness is slowly raising in the community

In conversation with IngMarie and Tom of Water Group we talked about the statistic for the end on NE monsoon, and overall situation of 2018. In short, we are still bellow the average in rainfall, and it might or might not affect us in summer time.
But the underlying emphasis would still be on our own – each of us – water awareness or sensity. Each of us should get the understanding the link of where the water comes from, and how each of us is using it. Water Group again invites all of us to participate in monitoring the weather patterns with its rainfall, and how it is connected with our water situation.
Tom talks about another dormant idea of harvesting the dew or water condense with compression of the device similar to AC unit.
IngMarie, who is in charge of communication at Water Group sees that water awareness in the community is slowly rising but still not massive.


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