Photographer:Montse | LEC' girls playing with the accordion Photographer:Montse | LEC' girls playing with the accordion 2 Photographer:Montse | Paolo teaching to play the bass Photographer:Montse | Paolo teaching to make music with the body Photographer:Montse | Lyrics of an African Song of Joy Photographer:Montse | Ludovica and Paolo performing gypsy rhythms Photographer:Montse | Participants of (Photographer: Montse)" rel="" />
29 Dec / 2011Program by:

"We are Sound" Workshop

One day before the cyclone Thane, on the 29th of December 2011, the Italian musicians Ludovica and Paolo offered a music workshop in the Life Education Centre of Auroville, teaching Tamil girls how to express themselves through sound and rhythm.
During this rainy morning the LEC girls enjoy the flavour of gypsy music performed by Ludovica and Paolo, sang African songs of joy, learned to play different instruments, to make sound with their own bodies, while dancing and laughing with the diversity of activities developed during the workshop.

Ludovica and Paolo are members of the music group ‘Nuove Tribu Zulu’ (New Zulu Tribe). With their band they have travel around the world exploring different musical styles and offering this workshop “We are Sound” in South Africa, Italy and India.