Photographer:Anahita | Guests and Aurovilians gathered at the Unity Pavilion.

Wholistic Business Networking

Last Wednesday, on December 11th, Sandhi Spieres organized "Auroville Networking Night". Having founded the "Wholistic Business Network" in 2002, Sandhi Spieres is a counselor, trainer and speaker who has organized many international workshops and meetings. He notes that nowadays people understand the importance of being at a right place and meeting right people. This Networking Night is about helping people to create the personal connections that they are looking for in their lives. This may also help the communication of the residents of Auroville.

This text was copied from Sandhi`s website. "Have you ever wondered what it means to create a world to which people want to belong? As you are reading this take a moment and remember that we are living in an environment that is facing many extraordinary opportunities as well as numerous challenges in the years to come. As we have attempted to adapt to the escalating changes on our planet, society and workplaces over the last few year’s, new ways of interacting have become essential. Can you imagine all the situations where you would use your talents, skills and capabilities if you applied them… and really knew what it means to create something together that is greater than what each one of us could do alone!" —