Photographer:Maryliz | Vivekan, organizer for World Clean Up Day and WasteLess Volunteer Photographer:Maryliz | Lakshmanan from Auroville Team Clean Up Photographer:Marco Saroldi | Kali at Eco Service Photographer:Maryliz | Barathi from Let's Talk Trash Photographer:Maryliz | Marc and Ok from Upcycling Studio Photographer:Maryliz | Ribhu from Wasteless and Palani with Eco Service Photographer:Marco Saroldi | Success!
17 Sep / 2018Program by:
Featured: PalaniLanguage: English

World Clean Up Day 2018 in Auroville was a Hugh Success

Starting at 6 am on 15 September, 600+ dedicated people collected over 1,983 kilos of litter from Auroville forests and road sides. Schools, NGO’s, companies, guesthouses, restaurants, cycle clubs, youth groups, horse riding groups, waste management organisations and concerned residents all came
together to participate for this special day.
The filled white bags were then dropped off at Eco Service where they were weighted and sorted. Eco Service also sent out their trucks to collect from large litter depositors.

A follow up discussion in English and Tamil was held with all participants to share the different organisations working on waste management solutions in Auroville. Their message was positive demonstrating how working together and knowing what part of the waste management puzzle you are providing can make all the pieces of the solution fit together.
The campaign was planned collaboratively by: Auroville Clean Up Group, EcoService, Let’s Talk Trash, Upcycling Studio and WasteLess.

Everyone was proud to participate in Swachh Bharat (Clean India) and the World Cleanup Day.

For questions and more information please contact:
Palani Kannan (EcoService) 9443535172
Vivekan Brunschwig (WasteLess) 7410509358