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21 Aug / 2015Program by:
Featured: Fadhili WilliamLanguage: English

Zilizopendwa, AfroMix #3

Zili(zo)pendwa: as dance music and nostalgia in East Africa.
East African “classic” music, known in Tanzania as zilipendwa or in Kenya as zilizopendwa (literally, “those which were loved) is making a comeback. The nostalgia for zili(zo)pendwa is far from being a melancholic rumination over days long-past, but is enacted instead for the sake of health and community well-being.  Zili(zo)pendwa is a conscious act towards musicking the values of a fading era, creating temporary autonomous zones where the perceived chaos and noise of neoliberal globalization are now rushing in.


Fadhili William – Malaika
David Amunga – Going back to Africa
Samba Mapangala & Virunaga Vunji
Franco Luambo et ROCHEREAU Tabu Ley – Ngungi
Offside Trick – Samaiki
Kidudu mtu
Them Mushroms – Zilizopendwa
Offside Trick – Fataki
Les Managelepa – Embalasi
Maroon Commandos – Kristina Uko Wapi
Fadhil William – Naenda Safari
Offside Trick ft Mzee Yusuf – Nipe Nikupe
Mwanaid Shaaban – Umejuaje


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