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Photographer:web | Jeremy Roske Photographer:web | Jeremy Photographer:web | People Rise by Jeremy Roske Photographer:web | Jeremy Roske

People Rise by Jeremy

Program by :

Jeremy’s visit to the studio with his, and his band album People Rise, and while listening to songs we are talking about songs, music, life, capoeria , changes ….
Jeremy, who is deeply and intimately connected with Auroville for over two decades, has chosen his life in a way that he can through performing arts inspire people, and contribute to collective awakening, even it is by one by the time..

People Rise
1.Live Life Free
2.Life For Your Money
4 Lifetimes
6.Here Now
7.People Rise

In 2005, I
co-organized and spearheaded the Voice of Youth Tour. Traveling to India and New Zealand, my band Rapsody performed concerts and gave workshops focused on youth empowerment through creative expression. This album was a product of that tour and collaboration of artists and supporters.
released June 27, 2005

Jeremy Roske: Lyrics, vocals & rhythm guitar
Suryan: Vocals & lead guitar
Hagan Cadwell: Bass
Sal: Drums
Jonathan Davis: Percussion, trumpet,
back-up vocals
Jasmine Roske-Jones: Back-up vocals
joe: Violin

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1 comment:

Fan of AV Radio Dec 08, 2015 Reply

Fantastic!!! Outstanding!!!
Jeremy my man, Suryan my man, you guys inspire us all.
Thank you for the beautiful music, thank you for the inspiring message. Thank you, AV Radio for bringing this to the airwaves.
Amando & Dhani

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