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Savitri – Book VII, Canto VII

Savitri, Book VII, The Book of Yoga
Canto VII, The Discovery of the Cosmic Spirit and the Cosmic Consciousness

This is the last Canto in The Book of Yoga, Savitri is going to attain Cosmic Consciousness. This is the last thing that Savitri must do to prepare herself for her husband's death and the great work she was born to do. Now she must conquer Almighty Death and bring her husband's soul back to live on earth again. We have now come to the point where the whole story of Savitri starts. Canto l, at the very beginning of Book I is called The Symbol Dawn. It is the dawn of the day when Savitri wakes and remembers that it is the day that Satyavan must die.

Savitri Book 7, Canto 5, (part 2)

The Second Part

Then through a tunnel dug in the last rock
She came out where there shone a deathless sun.
A house was there all made of flame and light
And crossing a wall of doorless living fire
There suddenly she met her secret soul.
In the slow process of the evolving spirit,
In the brief stade between a death and birth
A first perfection's stage is reached at last;

Savitri-Book 7, Canto 4, 3rd part

The Third Part

Still on her inner journey, Savitri has now met two of the Triple Soul-Forces, the Mother of Pity and Compassion, and the Mother of Might, Divine powers who are a portion of her own soul, put out for her work in the world. . Both of them told her about their work and said that they could not succeed. After each one spoke, Savitri heard the voice of the lower forces, the warped echos from the lower planes, describing what they do and claiming that they can never change. Savitri promised both of the Divine forces to return, bringing a force of God which will help them to succeed in their work. Now Savitri will meet the third Soul-Force, the Mother of Light, Joy and Peace, who tells her that she can bring so many powers of God to man, but she also is not successful. After she speaks, Savitri hears the warped echo from below, the voice of the sense-shackled human mind, bound in the chains of earthly ignorance, who describes who he is and what he does and says he also can never change. Savitri promises the Mother of Light that she will return and bring God with her and there will be light and peace in all the worlds.

Selections par Gangalakshmi-49

Une série hébdomadaire de lectures par Gangalakshmi (en Français) de sélection d'oeuvres de la Mère ou de Sri Aurobindo qui lui semble d'actualité.
Cette semaine; Le Trepas de Shri Aurobindo, Article de Amal Kiran sur Sri Aurobindo, Mars 1951 France-Asie -

A weekly series of readings by Gangalakshmi (in French) from selected works by or on the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. This week; an Article on by Amal Kiran published in France-Asie Review, March 1951.

Images - Spiritual significance of flowers by the Mother.
Musical Fragment; Nadaka, 2001 The Lotus of the Silent Sleep Meditation 2

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Savitri, book VII, Canto VI #3rd

SAVITRI, BOOK VII, THE BOOK OF YOGA CANTO VI, NIRVANA AND THE ALL-NEGATING ABSOLUTE The Third Part Savitri has gone completely beyond her mind. Nothing enters or moves in her inner space. A blank, pure consciousness has replaced her mind. In this condition Savitri experiences Nirvana, the opposite of everything that is the created universe, including the most subtle vibrations. Beings were not there, existence had no place, there was no temptation of the joy to be. A lonely absolute negated all: it effaced the ignorant world from its solitude and drowned the soul in its everlasting peace...

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Nirvana, All-Negating Absolute

The First Part

Savitri has found her secret soul, her psychic being, but a question is there; "what more, what more, if more must still be done?" In The Letters on Yoga, Sri Aurobindo says that there are two main things to be secured as the foundations of sadhana, - the opening of the Psychic Being and the realization of the Self above." Now Savitri will start on the next thing, the realization of the Self above. This first part tells how she learns that there is more to be done.

Savitri-Book 7, Canto 4, 2nd part

The Second Part

In the first part of Canto IV Savitri met the first soul-force, the Mother of Divine Pity and Compassion and heard what she did and how she could not be completely successful in her work. She heard the voice of the lower force which refused to change, it was the voice of the Beast crouching within man's depths, Savitri promised to return and bring strength to the Mother of Pity and Compassion. Now Savitri meets the second soul-force, the Mother of Might, who stands on the world's paths of danger and grief and helps the unfortunate and saves the doomed, but she says that the cosmic evil is too deep and the cosmic suffering is too vast, so she can only help a few. Then, from the lower human world the warped echo came from the ego of this great world of desire who wants to make the universe his instrument. Savitri promises to bring the Mother of Might the way to see things in the way God sees them so that she has wisdom as well as power, and hate and fear and weakness will go and the cry of the ego will be hushed within.

Savitri, book VII, Canto VI #2nd

SAVITRI, BOOK VII, THE BOOK OF YOGA CANTO VI, NIRVANA AND THE ALL-NEGATING ABSOLUTE The Second Part Savitri follows the guidance of the mighty and uplifting voice, which tells her to cast off her mind and step back from form and name and annul herself that only God may be She achieves the complete silence of her mind. In writing Savitri's experience, Sri Aurobindo describes the many sources of thoughts and impulses, and explains what they are. In this part of Canto VI, Sri Aurobindo is describing his own first positive spiritual of 1908, which led him to the experience of Nirvana. He said this experience made possible all the rest of the sadhana.  

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Savitri-Book 7, Canto 5, 1st part

SAVITRI, BOOK VII, THE BOOK OF YOGA, CANTO V THE FINDING OF THE SOUL The First Part Savitri is getting closer to her soul. Her journey through her own inner space has brought her to the mystic cavern in the sacred hill, carved in the rock of matter's trance. As she passes through that mysterious space, through room and room, and door and rock-hewn door, she feels and sees and knows everything by the spirit's true vision, and feels herself made one with all she sees.

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Savitri Book 7 Canto 4- Part One

Part One

So far, in her inner journey to find her own soul, Savitri has seen how man is a much better being when his soul is active, and she has seen how the different parts of man function when the soul is not active. She has realized that the inferior nature still took too large a place, and must be pushed aside to find her soul. On her way, she meets the first of the triple soul-forces, the embodiment of divine pity and compassion, who explains who she is and what she does. Then Savitri hears the voice of the lower force, the dark echo of all the divine things she has just heard. It is the beast crouching within man's depths, who tells who he is and what he does...

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