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Savitri, Book 2, Canto 2, Part 1

Savitri, Book II, The Book Of The Traveller Of The Worlds, Canto II, The Kingdom Of Subtle Matter, Part 1, Pages 103 - 107

King Aswapathy is climbing Nature's Giant Stair and the first place he comes to is the Kingdom of Subtle Matter This is the plane in the creation which Mother and Sri Aurobindo usually call The Subtle Physical. It is the world closest to the physical, material world in which we live every day. This world is the place where the soul first "touches ground" when it returns from its rest between lives. Here it "puts on matter's cloak", and when its life is over, it sheds mortality's cloak on its way back to becoming pure spirit to wait for its next life. It is the ground of nature's worlds and everything that happens here has its origin there. Sri Aurobindo did not write much about the subtle physical. Usually it is listed along with the other planes and it doesn't even get a sentence to itself. Here in Savitri, Book II, Canto II, we have his most complete description of the Subtle Physical.

Savitri, B. 1, C. 5, Part 2

Savitri, Book I, The Book of Beginnings, Canto V, The Yoga of The King, The Yoga of the Spirit's Freedom and Greatness, Part 2, Pages 80 - 87

King Aswapathy continues on the path of his immense spiritual fate. His great being is stripped of its cover of humanity and a strong descent leaps down to tear his nature out of his mortality. There is no death-hunted creature more, no fragile form of being to preserve from an all-swallowing Immensity. He is a boundless being in measureless time. A secret Nature, with her wand of Mind, is defenseless to his sealless eye, and a greater despot tames her despotism.

Savitri, B.1, C. 4, Part 4

Savitri, Book I, The Book of Beginnings, Canto IV, The Secret Knowlege, Part 4, Pages 60 - 66

We are in the heart of the secret knowledge that completes King Aswapathy's individual yogic progress and gives him the development and powers that we will learn about in Canto V; "There are Two who are One and play in many worlds;" "This whole wide world is only he and she.". Sri Aurobindo tells us about the Supreme, eternal, omniscient and omnipotent consciousness, which is unmanifest, and the manifestation, which is the Power of creation that is also the creation itself and which is put out from the Supreme unmanifest to be the manifested world and us. He describes this in the time - honored manner as He and She, and expresses it as an endless love affair.

Savitri – Book 1 Canto 4 Part 1

Savitri, Bool l, The Book of Beginnings, Canto IV, The Secret Knowledge
Part One, Pages 46 - 50

Sri Aurobindo wrote that the secret knowledge in Canto Four is a pause between the two yogic movements of King Aswapathy's individual spiritual development which are in Canto Three and Canto Five. The King's greater spiritual transformation and ascent to a supreme power in Canto Five are a description of the results of this secret knowledge. The secret knowledge which first comes to him tells what man is and can become and how this happens, as well as what man is becoming all the time, even if he doesn't know it consciously, and the spiritual things behind man's earthly covering. We have a small series of quotations from Sri Aurobindo's own Record of Yoga showing his own development as he describes it for mankind here.

Savitri, B. 1, C. 2

Savitri, Book I, The Book Of The Traveller Of The Worlds, Canto II, The World Stair, Pages 95 - 102

The great yogi-king Aswapathy starts on his inner journey through the planes and parts of his own being, which are also the planes and parts of the Creation itself. He is on his way to creation's centre to find the Divine Mother and ask her help for humanity and the world. In Book I, he reached place where the heights of mortal effort end, and he received what he needed to be able to travel on. Now that his work for his own spiritual self-fulfillment is done, his journey is for humanity and the earth. He travels on, bearing the burden of the world's desire, and he sees a high world pile which is the single stair to being's goal. "A figure sole on Nature's giant stair, he mounted towards an indiscernible end on the bare summit of created things."

Savitri, B. 1, C. 5, Part 2

Savitri, Book I, The Book of Beginnings, Canto V, The Yoga of the King, The Yoga of the Spirit's Freedom and Greatness, Part 1

The King now has the secret knowledge. He is ready for the next stage of his individual yogic development, which Sri Aurobindo calls his greater spiritual transformation and ascent to a supreme power. He is able to free himself from the bounds of mind and matter and live when breath and thought are still. Now he enters the region of the creation where he learns the truths behind everything. He aspires to bring a place where a conscious soul lives in a conscious world. He turns to his immense spiritual fate. A lone forerunner of the godward earth, he mounted burning like a cone of fire.

Savitri – Book 1, Canto 4, Part 3

Savitri, Book I, The Book of Beginnings, Canto IV, The Secret Knowlege, Part 3

The King receives secret knowlege about the searchings of a consciousness that knows not its own truth, moving between the two far ends of Being, missing its aim. He learns about the Spirit's absolute potencies in their place in the thoughts of God. He learns the position of the Immortal, and the crown of conscious immortality which was promised to man as his inborn right. This week we have one of Sri Aurobindo's entries in his diary, The Record of Yoga. His description clearly illustrates his statement that "all life is yoga". He writes about some of the work he does to attain omniscience and omnipotence; (all-wisdom and all-power) in a most interesting context.

Savitri, B. 1. C. 5, Part 3

Savitri, Book I, The Book of Beginnings, Canto V, The Yoga Of The King, The Yoga Of The Spirit's Freedom And Greatness, Part 3, Pages 87 - 91

The great Yogi King has reached the pinnacle of his individual yogic self-fulfillment. After all of his yogic effort, and the work done in him by the great powers, he can receive the results and he is ready to successfully work for all humanity and the earth. He discovers the worlds of a marvelous unknown. Life in him learns its huge subconscious rear and his little fronts unlock to the unseen vasts. The serried kingdoms of the graded law plunge from the height of the Everlasting down into Time and bring life's adventure, delight and beauty up from Time into undying Self. King Aswapathy has progressed to the point of being able to stay awhile in the last high world where all worlds meet. He breaks into another Space and Time.

Savitri, B. 1, C. 4, Part 3

Savitri, Book I, The Book of Beginnings, Canto IV, The Secret Knowledge, Part 5, Pages 66 - 73

The Master of Existence leaves his infinite and eternal solitude to become the creation and to take birth in a body so he can again become the All. He is the sailor on the flow of time. He is joined forever to his mighty mate, the Mother of Creation. For love of her he follows the course of Time's eternity amid all of her magic dramas, surprises and vicissitudes. This week we have an entry from Sri Aurobindo's Record of Yoga, showing his own progress in the realization of the Two who are One.

Savitri Book 1, Canto 4, Part 2

Savitri, Book l, The Book of Beginnings,
Canto Four, The Secret Knowlege,
Part 2

Secret Knowledge is revealed about the aspirations and struggles of the Earth-Goddess as she toils through the aeons, across the sands of Time. Sri Aurobindo continues to tell us what there is in us which slows down our journey to the light. He tells us of the Immortals on their deathless heights, overseers of fate and chance and will, who see and hear what man cannot, and who guide the unheedful, moving world to meet the Bliss for which earth's heart cries. This week, in the quotation from the Record of Yoga, Sri Aurobindo speaks about the answers he receives for his own spiritual progress when he seeks help using a method called "sortilege".

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