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Photographer:Marlenka | Juan

Thai Massage and Juan

Program by :

Aurovilian Juan gives Thai massage; in an inteview Juan speaks of his knowledge, how he came by it and has grown to love it. The National Life Saving Competition just held in Kolkota offers an informal presentation on the preparation and participation of 16 children from the Auroville Swim Team. Grow your own permaculture style vegetable garden: get the vision of a social revolution based around food. An exhibition of the 1st anniversary of cyclone Thane at Citadine. Artists/photographers/poets/forest people/designers invited to contribute.

an excerpt from Mother’s Agenda, 19 October 1963 – “‘… Because obviously … Oh, to tell the truth, I don’t know. I say ‘obviously,’ but it’s absolutely all the same to me if everything is demolished and starts again – it’s another way of playing, that’s all. But maybe without demolishing … To demolish and start all over again (laughing) has already been done a few times! Maybe that’s enough – if, without demolishing, men could progress … But is it possible? We must come VERY CLOSE to the goal for that to be possible.”

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