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Photographer:Tatjana | From left: Elvira and Rita Photographer:Tatjana | From left: Luigi and B

Where`s the Right Place?

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Elvira, Luigi and B are back with their series on dissolving polarities in the planning and manifestation of the “city the earth needs.” Special guest is veteran forest steward Rita. She has for more than thirty years planted and nurtured a ten acre forest in the Residential Zone just south of the Solar Kitchen and bordering Edyanchavadi Village. As she says: “The trees have grown, but have we?” Where is the right place in this forest for the radial road that is planned to go through it?

Where is the right place for the high density residential building planned for it, and what about the two green corridors also promised in the planning? Why do highly motivated, talented, and idealistic Aurovilians clash so much over implementing their plans? How to resolve the pain of the past into the joy of future realizations? These are the fascinating questions explored in order to progress toward the ideals of why we have Auroville.

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