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01 Oct / 2018Program by:
Featured: SmitiLanguage: English

2nd South East Sectionals of Ultimate Frisbee

During the finals, or actually the last match we talked with Smiti, who started with Frisbee about 9 years ago, and is along with Kumaran one of the oldest players in the team. We get to know, that Auroville has also another Frisbee team Alpha, which arrived out of bear necessity of too many players in the team. both team were playing yesterday, along with 7 teams of Chennai. For Smiti Frisbee captures very well ideals of Auroville with its rules because it allows all players, regardless who they are, or where they are from, and what gender they are, to play together. Sportsmanship applies above winning the game, as well honesty, and spiritual part of the sport. Among other, Frisbee players support, and participate in social work, such as was last year Bridging the gaps with our surrounding villages.